Gay Gamer Gets Virtual Verbal Beating

A gay gamer got an earful when he used the name “xxxGayBoyxxx” for XBox’s gun-happy Halo 3. He explains:

This is what happens when gay Masterchiefs don’t abide by “Don’t ask Don’t tell“.

Watch what ensues when I use a gamertag that’s proud and unambiguous, xxxGayBoyxxx.

Other than maybe a quick “hello” to the chat room or a request to “veto”, I didn’t ever say anything first or taunt anyone. What was said by these players was initiated by them with no provocation on my part. The vast majority of the times I wouldn’t even respond back so the audio would be clear.

The results aren’t pretty. Nor is the language.

It’s good to know so many hateful pricks get their rocks off going after the bent boys. Sigh…

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  • Martyzilla

    It might likely be more about those triple XXX’s than the “GayBoy” part — triple XXX i.d.’s usually show up in porn-spam and the like.

  • Woof

    I play Xbox Live quite a bit and sadly that type of ranting happens all the time regardless if someone has gay in their profile name. Just stupid ignorant kids being bullies. Just turn off your mic and kick their ass and let them deal with losing to a Mo.

  • kevin

    As a point I am also a “gaymer” – theres a whole group of us out there, and we hear this shit all the time, but nothing is more satisfying than hearing them trashtalking only to get there arses handed to them.

    Its a sad fact that for all the great video games there are, the people who play them are generally ignorant, which is why I can appreciate playing with other gays and lesbians because you dont hear that rubbish hate speech.

  • assjacket

    That’s pretty bad, but not unexpected. I use the alias assjacket on xbox live and once in a while I get idiotic comments from people thinking it’s some sort of gay euphemism. Usually I just report them and leave.
    It’s unfortunate that behavior like that is the norm when some of us just want to play a social game.

  • ToddC

    I’m sure there’s other Xbox users with ‘XXX’ in their name. This video really was chilling for me. I so rarely experience any kind of gaybaiting that I sometimes forget that it still exists out there…

    Kids are stupid and kids are evil and kids who run in packs have pack mentalities. Most of them will grow out of this but its a good reminder to the work that still needs to be done.

  • Bob

    Yeah, a bunch of loser geeks who will live in their parents’ basements the rest of their lives decide to bash a gay guy. Anonymously, of course, because they’re cowardly chicken-shit nerds. Big, brave geeks — why don’t you get lives?

  • Ryan

    This phenomenon isn’t just limited to gays. Generally, online anonymous people tend to be jerks, especially in the gaming world. I’ve seen YouTube videos of 14 year olds playing half-life and using racial epithets towards everybody on his team regardless of whether or not they applied.

    Perhaps this comic strip applies:

  • gamemonk0

    Sigh… silly Xbox players. Don’t they realize that only nOObs bash people?

  • Richie

    I would just like to apologise for the behaviour of these idiots. There is just no excuse for this type of thing. It really is a sad day when you can not exprss yourself.

  • fyah bun inna chi chi man

    boom bye bye in a batty man head

  • Jereme

    Im not sure that all gamers on xbox live are like this. My gamertag is F U ImARainbow but mind you, im not gay, i just like the name. And ive not had anyone mention anything about me, but generally im pretty cool with people. I’ve found that if you respond to them calmly and get them to laugh or something it’s all good. Originally i was H2O Slug, and some people knew that.

  • Patrick

    Wow… I mean really… Wow. I don’t even know where to begin with this. As so many others are, I am a Gaymer, however, I do not play online games such as Xbox live and EQ. It’s a sad day when people are ridiculed even in a fictitious world… but at least we know that in the end, we can frag their butts… Just strive to be a better gamer, and then let them mess with you. lol

  • Tak2ulata

    I am black and I bet that if I put black guy or black somthing I would get attacked everybody is going to get attacked if you give people somthing to attack you with ITS HALO its not a nice place or game ok I am not gay and I have been called a fag alot even when I rape the hell out of the other people they will still talk shit I personally think He is stupid for putting it in his name. Its your business your gay why do you have to tell the world, dont say because your proud because I am very very proud to be an american but when I am in other countries I dont go around telling everybody. I cant stand gay dude that are starving for attention I have gay friends but they are still men, you would not know they were gay unless they told you.

  • Tak2ulata

    and to Richie those people are expressing thems selves as wack as it may be they are still within their rights thats the beautiful thing about america we are free to exspress our selves good or bad I hate the KKK but its their right to hate me too.

  • Tak2ulata

    to Kevin. you used the word ignorant wrong it does not mean stupid, dumb, etc….

    ig·no·rant (gnr-nt)
    1. Lacking education or knowledge.
    2. Showing or arising from a lack of education or knowledge: an ignorant mistake.
    3. Unaware or uninformed.

    I am ignorant of subjects or areas not everything. If you are real with yourself you would know that every single person on earth is Ignorant of somthing

  • Mike

    wow…. a lot coming from a whole bunch of guys who are total nerds, sitting around playing video games. Just mad cus they can’t get laid by girls

  • Jackele

    First, let me mention one of my best, lifelong friends is gay – im not homophobic.

    to be fair, if my username was something that through common ideology was acceptable (something like “agirlforeachday” for example) i’d get ripped up on XBL for it. sure what they’re saying is way out of line, but if i did get laid 7 times a week with a diffrent girl and i was proud of it, I still wouldn’t put such a screename up because i would be asking for trouble.

    These websites do create divides, and such screenames as “xxxGayboyxxx” are alienating to other gamers – i bet in many cases they feel that “xxxGayboyxxx” thinks of himself as better before they’ve even started talking, and this alientaion will be the reason for their abuse. If it were “agirlforeachday” instead many people would be disgusted equally so.

    Lastly, I see the word “ignorant” being thrown around a lot on this site – just becuase people have a different opinion to the linear attitude i see this site takes doesn’t mean they’re wrong. Apart from the gaybashers – that’s not cool :o)

  • Dawster

    good call Jackele…

  • Kawlinz

    I use the name “Ghetto Youf” in PC shooters, and usually the first thing anybody says to me is “You’re white, stop trying so hard”. It’s not because you’re gay, it’s because they’re assholes.

  • Rikard

    Some of what was said was violent and out of line, but I crack up at things like “I bet you like to take it up the a$$ everynight”. Thats right Einstein, that’s how we know we are gay.

  • mouffetard

    Online gamers generally re-enact the hostility and isolation they felt as teenagers (or currently feel) by acting like assholes and saying the most offensive shit possible because they know no one can beat them up for it.

  • Kate Rhoades

    I’m getting a 360 for xmas, we should start our own gay halo… club… thing. Damn it.

  • IamMe

    lol, love this clip, couldn’t stop laughing.

  • Greg Theron

    Most online players just tend to be conformists and try to make fun of everyones screen name. I feel disgusted at what some people said in the video, and I know that some of those other things said were a bit comical and maybe shouldn’t be taken to offense. But things like, “have you hung” and what not is out of the line.

    I had a ‘french’ based screen name on XBL and would ALWAYS get picked on, but everyone has to remember that people feel more open to verbal harassment since its not in person. Which is quite sad, because those same people probably don’t have enough guts to say it in someones face.

  • AnimeCanuck

    32 seconds in and I’ve already heard more than enough.

    … Haven’t seen this kind of screen name (yet) while playing on the PSN… is it any better?

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