Gay Games Sail Past Objections


Some of us at Queerty have family in Chicago. Some of us don’t. As we mentioned yesterday, the gay games are scheduled to kick off in Chicago this summer, and all events had venues secured… except rowing. The Gay Games organizers wanted to host the event at Crystal Lake but some bigoted locals had other ideas. A city council vote clocked in at 2-2, but just Tuesday, the full council voted again at 2-3. Does any of this really matter or not? Let’s hear from the little people.

“I’m here because I’ve lived in this town pretty much all my life, and it makes me furious that the town I grew up in, a town that has expanded and succeeded, would be looking at barring this because of [sexual orientation],” Spoor said. “It shouldn’t make a difference; it’s a sport activity.”

Spoor’s comment to a reporter sparked several angry comments.

“I do not want these queers coming to my hometown,” said Larry Reyer, 55, a mechanic and 29-year resident. “Like I asked before, what revenue are you bringing in? What are you bringing in except stirring up all these problems?”

Um, what problems? A bunch of guys waking up at 5 AM to row a boat across a lake? No wonder Jason Voorhees killed all those people at Crystal Lake – they were a bunch of idiots.

Well, OK, maybe not all of them. We hope he spares those uber-tolerant Renzi family members.

Crystal Lake gives OK to Gay Games [Chicago Sun-Times]