Nerds Stay Chipper, Maintain Mission

Gay Gaming Site Attacked!

There’s a virtual homophobe lurking these waters, readers. Some naughty nerd took it upon himself (or herself) to launch a series of technological attacks against gay gaming site GayGamers.

It alt started on Wednesday when the site began receiving denial of service assaults, which disrupts service like a computerized cock block. Owner Flynn De Marco and company contained those strikes, but the site then suffered a stream of hateful messages, reports website Destructoid.

In a message during the site’s assault, De Marco – aka “Fruit Brute” – wrote:

Hello, faithful readers: As you might have noticed, we have had some connection issues in the last few days and now the site is completely down. I’m sad to say that we have been the target of homophobic hackers. Thankfully, they didn’t get to our database so all of our stuff is still in tact. At this point we are jut waiting for our service provider to ensure everything is good before putting the server back online. Hopefully, this will be resolved by the end of this weekend, so please keep checking back. You can’t keep a good gay gamer down, so we’ll be back before you know it, serving up all the sassy game content you can handle. Cheers, Fruit Brute

Fruit Brute sure stays cheery in the face of diabolism. Although, a safe data base sure is something to cheer about, as is news that the site’s back in action.

GayGamers isn’t the first site to face such dweebtastic raids. Chile’s Movement for Homosexual Integration and Freedom faced repeated attacks from skinheads earlier this year. Kotaku reminds us that the FBI classifies a hate crime as a biased attack on person, property or society. A website counts as a property. And, in some ways, a society. Unfortunately, we’re not sure if hate crimes apply to interstate properties, like the internet. Only 32 American states include sexual orientation in their hate crime statutes.

GayGamers knows the first attacks came from Philadelphia. Pennsylvania includes gay people. We’re not lawyers, but judging from the recent case (a judged ruled the Arizona-based site couldn’t discriminate against gay people in California), it seems the hacker could, in fact, be charged under hate crime laws. Unfortunately, hackers are a slippery bunch and GayGamers can’t be sure they’ll catch their villain.

Like all good heroes, the GayGamers aren’t about violence. Writer “The Boy Blunder” says he’d take his nemesis out to coffee and “talk” – a pacifist approach he learned from comics, particularly X-Men.

I also learned, largely to Stan Lee, that the responsibility for dealing with hatred directed at me is in my hands. I could rant and rage and take matters into my own hands, like Magneto. In truth that probably could accomplish some good. Or, I could choose to be like Charles Xavier and the X-Men. I could choose to love and defend those people that hate me. This really isn’t altruism, in my opinion, it is about what I allow to consume me. I choose love over hatred.

Those gay gamers, always so gay!