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Gay Gasp! Is a ‘Schitt’s Creek’ movie on horizon?

Dan Levy with Noah Reid in ‘Schitt’s Creek’

Hot off the record-smashing wins at the 2020 Emmy Awards, Schitt’s Creek co-creator Dan Levy dropped a bombshell: the cast of the popular sitcom is open to doing a movie reunion.

While speaking with Deadline following their Emmy wins, the cast of Schitt’s Creek–all of whom won Emmys for their performances–discussed the possibility of the big screen in the future of the characters.

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“Many people have been asking this,” Levy admitted when a reporter raised the possibility of a film adaptation.

“It’s mostly been me!” co-star Annie Murphy admitted.

“If there ever is an idea that ever popped into my head [for a movie] worthy of these wonderful people,” Levy offered, “it has to be really freakin’ good at this point — because this is a really nice way of saying goodbye. So fingers crossed that we really get a good idea.”

Schitt’s Creek made history as the first series to win the Best Comedy Series Emmy, as well as to win in all four acting categories as well in the same night. Co-creator Levy–who was also nominated in writing and directing categories–also made history as the first person to ever win for acting, writing and directing in the same night for the same show. The show also has won wide acclaim for its groundbreaking depiction of a queer relationship, and for the series ending with the long-anticipated wedding of David (Levy) and his boyfriend Patrick (Noah Reid).