Gay Geeks “Takei Back The Night” With Sulu Art Auction In New York City

You’d have to still be using an Apple IIe not to know George Takei is the king of Internet memes. We’ve posted his items more times than Lwaxana Troi has hit on Captain Picard. (Yeah, yeah, we’re mixing original-flavor Star Trek with Next Generation. Big deal!)

In addition to being the Wizard of the Web, a Celebrity Apprentice contestant, a friend of Howard Stern and part of one of the greatest entertainment franchises of all time, the openly gay Takei has also taken on the mantle of speaking out on behalf of the LGBT community.

Geeks OUT!, New York’s resident queer-nerd Federation, is celebrating the 75th birthday of the man behind Cap’t Hikaru Sulu with “Takei Back the Night,” a benefit auction featuring original works celebrating the beloved actor’s striking visage. Artists donating artwork include Abby Denson, Andy Swist, Bill Roundy, Carlo Quispe, Costello Tagliapietra, Daniel Nyari (above) David Cowles, Jarrod Pope, John Jennison, Jono Jarret, Justin Russo, Justin Winslow, Logan Faerber, Marc Scheff, Mark Hammermeister, Mathew Kessler, PJ McQuade, Rica Takashima, Rob Clarke, Rogan Josh, Sam Spaeth, Suzana Harcum, Tim Piotrowski and Zach Weiner.

The event is tonight, April 20, from 7-10pm at CFAN, 417 W 57th Street. If you’re in the Big Apple, head over and buy yourself some Takei originals.

And hey, you might find a sexy gay Trekkie while you’re there.


Click throgh for more artistic images of birthday boy George Takei

“Takei Back the Night” is April 20 from 7-10pm at CFAN, 417 W 57th St, in New York City.