Gay Gene Lingers…


It’s a debate as old as time itself (okay, maybe not that long, but still…). What makes people gay? Nature or nurture? Construction or essential component? Countless theorists, doctors, and assorted wackos have ruminated on this matter for decades and, it seems, there’s no end in sight.

Chicago researches are using The Molecular Genetic Study of Sexual Orientation to recruit 1,000 pairs of gay brothers. Once recruited, the brothers will have their DNA harvested, examined, and analyzed in the five-year effort to find the elusive “gay gene”. The impetus for the study comes from new findings that suggests homosexuality runs in families.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports: “Homosexuality tends to run in families. While 2 percent to 4 percent of all men are gay, 8 percent to 12 percent of brothers of gay men are gay.”

While that’s good news for those of you with brother fantasies, many fear that proving the existence of faggotry’s natural biology will be used to find a gay cure. Researchers, of course, insist their findings will help quell homophobia. On the other side, religious conservatives worry that such a finding will cut holes through their virulent attacks on homosexualities alleged sinfulness. (But, we’re sure they’ll use the information to rid the world of gays once and for all.)

This is a debate we’ve followed for years and obviously there are pros and cons to such research. We’re torn, so we ask you: where do you stand on “gay gene” research?