Gay GOP Accepts, Loves Absence

The Log Cabin Republicans this week endorsed John McCain, calling him inclusive and declaring that he has “stood by” gay citizens.

We’ve already discussed their perspective, but it’s worth readdressing for some of the rhetoric coming out of St. Paul right now.

Unlike previous conventions, the Republicans this year steered clear of sexual politics. Though their platform still makes a point of excluding the gays, marriage and the evils of same-sex loving are no longer central to the party’s public image. The Advocate‘s Sean Kennedy notes:

Except for a remark by McCain’s former rival Mike Huckabee about not changing “the very definition of marriage from what it has always meant throughout recorded human history,” there was an utter lack of rhetoric on gay issues — contrary to the strong statements of support heard at the Democratic convention in Denver last week.

Gay voters were positively thrilled to hear so much pro-gay speak from the Democrats. Queer Republicans, meanwhile, are thrilled not to have been mentioned.

One convention attendee enjoyed McCain’s speech last night that he wrote to conservative homo-journo James Kirchick:

I liked it a lot. I’m delighted I was wrong to expect a reference to SSM [Same-Sex Marriage]. Am I right that this was the first GOP acceptance speech since probably 1992 not to mention defending traditional marriage or something similar?

Kirchick also agrees that the “new” party tone’s a breath of relatively fresh air. The lack of gay politics is, to them, a good thing, because, as Kirchick notes, gay Republicans have to take what they can get: “I don’t think it’s fair to conclude, as my colleague John Judis recently did, that this has been a “sad” week for [gay Republicans]. Of course, it’s not like gay Republicans have had a lot of great days over the past 8 years.” Gay Republicans are so used to getting trashed by their party peers, they’re happy simply to be left out.

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  • Jose Arribas

    My god, does Gay Repugnicans really hate themselves that much that they are happy over the fact that their own party doesn’t openly hate them but quietly hates them so they can pander to the gay community. Sorry, I love myself way to much to even entertain the thought of giving up my social rights and self-esteem for a couple of extra bucks.

  • ggreen

    Last Night’s speech made Log Cabinites jump up and scream daddy! Then ask “Please sir may I have another?” The very definition of ibecilic/psychotic/idiotic is to expect a different result from repeating the same action. i.e. LCR’s voting Republican. McCain will let you lick his boots if you stay in the closet faggot.

  • Tom

    Yeah, and people in abusive relationships believe the abuser really loves them because the abuser did not beat the shit out them last night. When in actuality, the abuser is just catching his breath.

    When you are in a fight for your life, its not a sign of relief when a political party ignores you. It means your life has no value and that party cannot be depended on to do anything to protect your rights or your life.

  • REBELComx

    Wait wait wait…what? “definition of marriage from what it has always meant throughout recorded human history?”
    Someone needs to read a few more history books, and not that fucking bible.

  • Average Joe

    This week, McCain and the republicans presented themselves as nothing more than gold-plated charlatans.

    Anybody with a half a brain who heard McCain say things last night like, “All you ever asked of government is to stand on your side, not in your way. And that’s just what I intend to do: stand on your side and fight for your future,” or ” We believe in a government that unleashes the creativity and initiative of Americans. Government that doesn’t make your choices for you, but works to make sure you have more choices to make for yourself.” has to wonder aloud then why the Republicans have acted completely contrary to those statements when it comes to same sex marriage.

    The LCR’s are stupid fools who can’t see past the political pablum to realize their rights – their choices to marry whom they love – are not only ignored (their positive delusion that somehow their gaining acceptance within the party) – they are non-existent!

  • Anonymous

    Cue Bill Purdue sweeping in railing about Democrats and DOMA & DADT. Three, two, one…

  • Homo Politico

    At an LCR event in Minneapolis on Wednesday evening I heard the words ‘inclusion’ or ‘inclusive’ at least twenty times. Where is the evidence of this inclusion? Certainly not in the GOP platform. The 2008 Democratic Party platform is the most LGBT supportive ever.

    I was there in Denver when Obama gave his acceptance speech and, to an audience of millions, voiced support for finding common ground with our community. This was very empowering to me, having lived in the pre-Stonewall days when it wasn’t really safe to talk in public about gay issues.

    For the health of our community, our economy and our country I do hope that all GLBT folks will vote this November – and vote in their own self-interests.

  • marco channing

    McCain pulled the Constitutional ban on gay marriage out of the Republican attic, dusted it off, polished it up, and added it as campaign accessory at the Saddleback forum.

    How is that standing by gay citizens?

    Because of the the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, 300 gay Arabic translators in Iraq have been discharged. There is now such a shortage, the government is offering a $150,000 bonus for Arabic translators in Iraq.

    So, to keep gays out of the military Bush and McCain (who both support Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell) are willing to spend $45 million to replace the booted gay translators.

    How is this putting “Country First?” It’s putting “Ideology First.”

    When McCain selected Anita Bryant, I mean, Sarah Palin as his running mate, he made clear that he would throw gays and separation of church and state under the bus to get elected.

    Maverick my ass.

  • Gregoire

    If progress for gay people means never getting mentioned at a political convention, then I guess any convention held before 1972 must be considered a step forward.

  • Gerard

    I guess all those gay people for McCain forgot about his campaigning for Santorum in 2006. THAT’S HOW MUCH McCAIN LOVES US

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    This election, the four most dangerous words will be “Too Close To Call!”

  • William H. Stoddard

    The Republicans who took that rhetoric about a government that enables you to make choices for yourself seriously, back in the day, became the founders of the Libertarian Party; the Republicans weren’t sufficiently respectful of individual freedom of choice to satisfy them. The current Libertarian Party seems to be drifting away from its original focus on individual freedom of choice to states’ rights, which can be used to justify repressive behavior by state governments. But the heart of libertarianism is the idea that anything done by freely given informed consent should be legal and legally protected, including marriage. The Log Cabin Republicans might find libertarianism more suited to them than what the Republican Party has turned into.

  • Bill Perdue

    It’s not exactly news that the Loghead Republicans are traitors. Imitating Barney Frank and the Democrats, they’ll do anything to please the Chamber of Commerce. Like the christer bigots who run the DNC, the LCR is a nest of vipers. Like the Stonehead Democrats they support the candidates who passed DOMA and DADT (thanks for the reminder, twit, but none of us is likely to forget the bipartisan treason of the Democrats and Republicans) and refuse to repeal them. They’re so alike that they had no problem in the bigotfest gutting of ENDA and zipped their mouths up tight when the hate crimes bill was tossed overboard by Kennedy and Pelosi. They’re both for extending and enlarging the war and their fiddle duet while the economy burns is arrogance personified.

    Working people in our communities have nothing in common with the opportunism and the feeding frenzy for patronage jobs displayed by leaders of the Human Rights Campaign, Stonewall Democrats and Log Cabin Republicans or the managerial/business types who plague those groups. Even though the leaders of the HRC, LCR and the Stonies have contemptible politics and are motivated by greed we can, and should, work with them on common issues. We just have to always remind ourselves that their interests and ours are diametrically opposed.

    On November 4th vote for the union led and financed US Labor Party (if it makes it past the Democrat’s (sic) roadblocks). If not vote for socialist or communist candidates as a protest or join the scores of millions who sit it out because they’re smart enough to refuse to vote for the lesser bigot, the lesser warmonger or the lesser evil.

  • Nick

    And the four most idiotic words are “seitan-on-a-stick.”

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