Gay GOP Candidate Fred Karger Called “Idiot,” “Pathetic,” Slutty In Utah

Gay Republican Fred Karger is still out there campaigning for President, even though there’s no way he’ll got nominated. Certainly not with the nasty reception he received in Utah, where he was campaigning in advance of the June 26 primary.

In the Beehive State for a few days last week, Karger glad-handed GOP leaders and encouraged Mormons to step away from fighting marriage equality. (Karger is a strong critic of the LDS’ involvement in the Prop 8 vote.)

While there, Karger met Washington County Republican Party Chairman Willie Billings, and they seemed to hit it off. Billings even took one of Karger’s bumper stickers and Frisbees.

But when he got it home, Billing’s wife had a conniption and threw the political memorabilia in the garbage can. Nanette Billings then fired off an email to Karger, calling him “a radical idiot” and saying “thank goodness” he “cant procreate.” In speaking with Yahoo News, Mrs. Billings said, “My feeling is the only reason he’s running for president is to find more [sexual] partners… To get more people on his bandwagon.”

On his bandwagon—is that a euphemism?

Billings doesn’t think she did anything rude or unbecoming a political spouse:

“All I did was go on his site and say, ‘You’re pathetic.’ We’re a very conservative state in Utah, very family-oriented. So he’s picked a state just to cause ruckus. He’s not thinking of family, he’s thinking of himself. He’s not running for president to fix something in the country—he’s thinking of his own personal agenda, period. And I was just letting him know that I think he’s an idiot to think of running.”

In other news, GOProud director Jimmy LaSalvia claims conservatives are beginning to support the LGBT movement.