Blind Leading the Blind

GAY GOSSIP: Bizarre Love Triangles, Man Of The Housewives, Hip-Hop Homos And More Blind Items

Here’s a collection of gay-interest blind items from the past few weeks. We’ve got a hunch who the players are but tell us your guesses in the comments.


The Down-Low Honcho
“Which music honcho had to sleep with his male boss back in the day to get his start in the business and get a record deal?” [Page Six]

Caught Red-Handed
“Which queen on the scene was fired from Barneys for having sticky fingers (which were beautifully manicured, by the way)?” [Michael Musto]

(Our guess: Everyone on The A-List: New York)


Laughing at Yourself
Which glass-closet personage was in the audience for Standing on Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays when a character made a comic reference to his gayness? [Michael Musto]

(Our guess: Gosh, we don’t have the faintest idea!)

Reality Bites
“Which new Real Housewife was wrongly assumed to be a transsexual by at least two people I know who met her?” [Michael Musto]

Three-Way Tie

“He’s a young actor whose biggest role didn’t propel him into stardom, despite his talent. She is an actress who gets more attention than she should, despite her lack of talent. Neither of them thinks they are getting enough attention, so what better way to grab some headlines than a fake controversy? Let’s pretend that she is hooking up with one of his costars behind his back! Normally, a love triangle among three attractive up-and-comers would create lots of drama. This one should produce a lot of eye-rolling. Next time they should select a third who isn’t quite so gay. And if the girl is so desperate for attention, she should consider taking lessons from one of her relatives who rose to the top by sleeping her way through Hollywood.” [Blind Gossip]

(Our guess: Has Bella birthed that baby yet?)

Once More With Feeling

“Which award-winning theater producer was way more likely to give a guy a job if the guy and a male friend had sex in the producer’s bedroom while the producer watched from behind a one-way mirror?” [Michael Musto]

(Our guess: Um, all of them?)


A Star is Born
“Which Oscar-winning actress caught her then-husband in the middle of a steamy gay encounter with his film’s young American co-star? The British couple separated soon after filming ended and divorced two years later. The couple has since remarried, but the young stud has never wed. Who are they?” [National Enquirer]

(Our guess: Wethinks the lady doth protest too much.)


Images via Gareth Simpson, Bravo