Gay Gossip Girl Gossip Won’t Quit

A bit of Hollywood’s tangled web comes undone this afternoon. Page Six recently “reported” that Gossip Girl beauty Leighton Meester had been seen with an attractive male companion. That companion, as Gawker points out, was New York magazine journalist Chris Rovzar, who reveals that Page Six’s “tipster” was, in fact, Meester’s publicist.

…A couple of weeks after the male half of us met with Leighton at Lunetta, an item appeared in “Page Six” about her having an intimate dinner there with a “hot male companion.” How flattering! And how exciting to be part of the real-life gossip that surrounds our favorite show. It would have been the highlight of our month, had we not known that a publicist for the show placed the item…

Rovzar and journalistic cohort Jessica Pressler go on to deduce the item was meant to create some titillating buzz for Meester’s show, as well as the restaurant. We can’t help but feel there’s something more queer afoot.

Need we remind you of Chace Crawford, the show’s “not gay” heart throb? He’s constantly in the news for his “romantic” adventures, like his over-hyped, under-seen and doomed relationship with Carrie Underwood. Or what about his dinner with new costar Michelle Trachtenberg.

Many people – including ourselves – doubt the validity of Crawford’s skirt chasing. And we doubt Meester’s publicist wanted to spread the word about Lunetta.

Could it be that Gossip Girl publicists are trying to put out two flamers? But in the end all this gay debate only fuels the show’s success. It’s a symbiotic relationship, really.