Another Asks "What Do I Lack?"

Gay Grills Giuliani On Marriage, Military
The Republican presidential candidates better be prepared for some queer queries during tonight’s CNN debates. A number of American citizens have submitted their YouTube videos and are wondering exactly what the Grand Old Partiers have to say about Don’t Ask, Dont Tell and other homo-centric policies.

Here’s a question for Rudy Giuliani from New York resident Stewart Zamudio, who has impeccable enunciation:

Hi, my name is Stewart Zamudio from Hauppauge, New York. And this question is for the former Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Rudy do you believe that Gay Americans should be able to serve in our United States military and also do you believe that Gay Americans should be able to get married?

We’ve included another video from Charles Bright from Arlington, Virginia. He phrases his question thus: “What do I as a gay man lack that allows the law to prevent me from entering into a legal contract with the person I love or serving in the military”? We’d love to hear how the politicos squirm around that one…