Will Senate Committee Heed Their Rational, Egalitarian Calls?

Gay Groups Fight Larry Craig Ethics Investigation

The Senate Ethics Committee will get a gay earful today. Or, rather, an eyeful.

DC-centric newspaper The Hill reports that The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force will challenge the investigation into Senator Larry Craig’s toilet trolling arrest. NGLTF head honcho Matt Foreman writes to Barbara Boxer and Senator John Cornyn:

We are writing to state the inherent contradiction between your treatment of allegations of ethical misconduct by Senator Larry Craig and Senator David Vitter and to insist that you open an investigation into Sen. Vitter’s conduct. There is no explanation for the diametrically opposed responses to these two situations, other than hypocrisy tinged by homophobia. There are only two ways to resolve this: drop the investigation into Sen. Craig or investigate the allegations surrounding Sen. Vitter.

Vitter, of course, came under fire after admitting to canoodling with prostitutes. The Craig investigation doesn’t only highlight the Republican party’s anti-gay ways, but the Democrats, too. Isn’t politics just icky?

Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund’s Chuck Wolfe agrees with Foreman’s campaign, saying:

Certainly there’s a double standard because everyone’s assumption is they are dealing with one [lawmaker’s transgression] because it’s homosexual sex and not the other’s because it’s heterosexual sex… Anyone with any degree of personal ethics will drop it.

He sure does have a lot of faith in our government!

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  • Leland Frances

    If repeated public acts of political insanity by someone who’s PAID to advance gay rights were enough to get one committed to an asylum, NGLTF’s Matt Foreman would have been encased in a lavender, rhinestone non-straight jacket at the Joan Crawford Home for Homo Nut Jobs months ago.

    First he throws hissy, cracked brickbats at the Dem candidates for President even tho they are the most pro gay rights slate ever and the Repugs are as homohating as always. Then he sends a valentine to pro-DADTDP, anti-even domestic partners Giuliani through a mainstream newspaper interview [as IF gay Repugs needed ANOTHER excuse to vote against themselves and us]. Then he joins a group of hysterics demanding that members of Congress vote AGAINST gay job protection. And now he’s upping the wattage and increasing the endless focus of the public spotlight on public sex queens. Sure, Matt, why not keep the O’Reillys and the Tucker Cranstons and their millions of great unwashed fans chattering strangers’ dicks?

    With “leaders” like this who needs enemies? Will Donnie McClurkin be the featured entertainer at NGLTF’s next Creating Wishing Thinking er Change Conference?

  • ProfessorVP

    Whatever keeps the Larry Craig story alive, I am for.

  • matt123

    Gay rights? Politic words. What’s really gay rights?

    Gay on Findbilover.com

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    Senator Vitter’s governor-elect is a Republican – making him more vulnerable than now with outgoing and soon former governor Blanco, a Democrat.

    Larry has a Republican governor, and so nothing changes there.

    I imagine that when all is said and done, neither the chair, Senator Boxer, a liberal, and Senator Cornyn, the theocon GOP vice chair, will allow the circus to continue for both political strategies militate against it….DLC or Theocon.

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