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Gay Groups Hope To Grow Gay Vote

The gay vote matters, to be sure, but only minimally. That’s why gay groups and individual activists are hoping to broaden the pink electoral power.

Via 365 Gay:

The LGBT vote is considered a decisive electoral force and according to exit poll data make up approximately 4 percent of the voting population. This year LGBT civil rights activists hope to increase that percentage and the Human Rights Campaign and National Stonewall Democrats have specifically targeted four states – Florida, Minnesota, Nevada and South Carolina.

The workshops will consist of mock caucuses during which participants will learn tips on how best to discuss federal issues like “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the Matthew Shepard Act and marriage equality…

Will their efforts be in vain? Not if you get off your ass and vote!

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  • Ryan

    The gay vote matters a helluva lot more than minimally. The reason why it may not be as important this primary season is because there gay vote is divided among Senators Obama, Clinton and Edwards. There’s no clear “favorite” and few candidates have gone beyond the others in pushing for our rights. The only candidate who has a slightly better position than the others, on gay rights, is Edwards – and that’s because he favors repealing all of DOMA, whereas Clinton and Obama would only favor taking away parts of it. The difference being Edwards’s position would allow anyone to get married in a state like Massachusetts – and have that apply anywhere in the country – whereas Obama and Clinton would only allow gay, married couples in Mass files joint income taxes, etc.

  • Charley

    I like what I read in the above post. Edwards repealing all of DOMA. Amazing, as Edwards is Southern Baptist “troubled” by gay marriage, even though his wife, is for it. (his family were mill workers, who probably never met a gay person) So many perspectives, so little time to find a candidate’s truth regarding queer issues. I/m voting for Obama based on the color of his skin, not on his character.

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