Gay Guy Says All The Stupid Stuff Straight People Say In Hilarious New Video

“You remind me of my friend Kevin. He’s gay, too.” “When did you realize you were gay?” “What did your parents say?” “My music teacher was gay and he was such a nice guy.”

Bless their hearts, even the most supportive of straight people can say some rather — well — dumb things. We’ve all had to suffer through painfully awkward, vaguely homophobic questions and comments made by well-intentioned heterosexuals. But what happens when the tables are turned?

Funnyman Daniel-Ryan Spaulding has just released a new video where he says all the same things straight people have said to him, but with a gay twist, and it has us seriously LOLing.

Check out the funny video below. And feel free to send it to all the straight people you know.

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