Gay Guy Says All The Stupid Stuff Straight People Say In Hilarious New Video

“You remind me of my friend Kevin. He’s gay, too.” “When did you realize you were gay?” “What did your parents say?” “My music teacher was gay and he was such a nice guy.”

Bless their hearts, even the most supportive of straight people can say some rather — well — dumb things. We’ve all had to suffer through painfully awkward, vaguely homophobic questions and comments made by well-intentioned heterosexuals. But what happens when the tables are turned?

Funnyman Daniel-Ryan Spaulding has just released a new video where he says all the same things straight people have said to him, but with a gay twist, and it has us seriously LOLing.

Check out the funny video below. And feel free to send it to all the straight people you know.

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  • brokeback gypsy

    “Oh my gosh! There is a straight lady in my building and you two should totally go out.”

  • toberlin

    I have a Talent:Sometimes I am just dumb and sometimes I just “play dumb”.To the comments/(“dumb Questions” )I made in the Amy Kushnir/Maggie Gallagher.Even compare being LGBT with a Religion =”Live Style” is in my Book clearly and not “vaguely” Homophobic and Transphobic.And who is interested why I have thrown that Bone again and again can read this in the Anderson Cooper/Amy Kushnir Article.
    NOPE,nobody belive here being gay is a choice.We belive here what also Science today support:being LGBT is one healthy and natural Result of Natures Goal creating DIVERSITY.But like I said it is hopeless to confront People like Amy Kushnir with logic Arguments or with Life and Love of People like my Friends and me.It makes her happy to belive she is “better” than “other”People .She thinks she is “better”than EVERYBODY who is not like her or live like her.And she has no Intention to change that “I fell good because I feel better than others”-Thing.All you can do is to show her up and train her like a Poodle to a appropriate Behaviour towards her fellow Citizens.
    Beside that to ALL People here.I live in Berlin.I grew up completly different.I mean we have Protestant Pastors here who live openly Gay with their Partners.If I say something hurtful or over the top,please tell or explain me.

  • toberlin

    …and because I am sometimes just DUMB I forgot to say the most important Thing:
    I am really Sorry.
    Well-Meaning does not mean doing well.

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