Gay Guys Accuse British Comic Alan Carr Of Homophobia For Donning Fairy Wings

Alan_Carr_Fairy_PETASo here’s the gist: comedian Alan Carr appears in a new PETA campaign in which he knowingly camps it up with pink fairy wings and a magic wand and proclaims ‘Be a Little Fairy for Animals!

Annnd that’s somehow homophobic according the reaction Alan’s received from numerous gay people who see it as a harmful advancement of gay stereotypes in mainstream culture.

Like Ryan John Butler who Tweeted, “Anyone find the new PETA ad campaign really fucking offensive? Basically: gay men = fairies.”

If a gay man dresses in drag and appears on national television to compete for a prize, does that make all gay men drag queens?

If a straight guy shaves his head to appear in a commercial for the Army, do straight men = soldiers?

The argument doesn’t even merit consideration. If someone wants to act like a fairy, good on them! Why should we all have to adhere to the heteronormative version of our politically correct identities? How boring…

Luckily, Alan has a sense of humor. Here’s how he’s responded via Twitter:

h/t: Gay Star News