Amsterdam Agonistes

Gay guys from around the globe talk sex and personal safety in Amsterdam

The full-day session at AIDS2018, the international HIV conference in Amsterdam, “Out With It,” helped the gay and bisexual HIV educators and advocates to sharpen their skills and learn about new technologies to better their sexual health and well-being.

What interested Queerty contributor Mark S. King was the wide variety of experiences of the attendees when it comes to living their lives as gay men back home. In his first video report from AIDS2018, Mark finds out what gay life is really like for men around the globe. Some of their answers might surprise you.

Coming up next: the opening day will include a massive activist march through the streets of Amsterdam, bringing attention to the lack of PrEP access in several countries, the growing movement globally to decriminalize sex work, drugs, and homosexuality, and a host of other issues.

Considering HIV/AIDS continues to affect nearly every social, political and sexual issue one can name, the march is sure to be a powerful affair and Mark’s coverage will take you inside all the action.

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