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Gay guys describe what they wear to feel confident and sexy

In one of the more popular Reddit threads of the r/askgaybros subreddit in recent days, guys commented in droves after one user asked what they “wear to feel sexy, confident, and attractive.”

Some of these dudes’ power outfits are buttoned-up, some are dressed-down, some are sporty, some are skin-baring. Here’s a selection of selections — with some illustrative Instagrams, of course!

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“I have a nice butt and legs. So, one way I feel sexy for myself is to wear nice underwear. Like, men’s thongs, jockstraps, and men’s bikini underwear.”

“Boots. There’s always extra swing and swagger in my walk if I’m stepping out in boots!”

“A nice jockstrap under my work clothes if I am feeling daring and going to the gym afterwards.”

“I feel sexier the nakeder I am.”

“Slim-fit shirts. Bonus if they are on the longer side, as shirts tend to be too short at the bottom. I just feel like it accentuates my chest more and makes me look better.”


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“Tighty whities.”

“I like my shoulders and upper chest a lot, so tank tops always make me feel sexy ‘cause I can show ‘em off.”

“A tailored suit from a reputable line. It’s like armor. Or nothing — either way.”

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“I love a good jacket and a pair of 501 Levi’s.”

“Leather harness and/or tight latex clothing.”


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“Crop top, flannel, skinny jeans, Vans or Converse. Painted nails (in dark colors) and maybe a tad of blush and highlight in key places to look more alive, and some very light black eyeliner.”

“A fitted polyester polo — that gets a lot of people’s attention.”


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“I put on my cape and wizard hat.”

“A good fitting suit. A pair of nice briefs. Nice dark jeans with a well-fitting sweater. My aviation style jacket. (I don’t know how to describe it — leather with fur lining around the collar.) I have a few different pieces I wear when I want to feel good.”

“I got a pretty nice body, but I love my ass. So, naturally, my Calvins.”


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“Swim shorts with [less than a] 5” inseam. That mid-thigh hit is the ultimate confidence boost.”

“A butt plug.”

“A good-looking suit, immaculate Oxfords, and an impressive greatcoat. Add a Russian fur hat, and I’m positively regal. I once had royal guardsmen stand at attention when I passed… If I can combine it with a nice pair of tight-fitting jockstraps, then all the better — the best of all worlds!”


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“Baggy clothes make me feel confident, boots make me feel hot, being touched makes me feel sexy.”

“My smile is my favorite thing to wear. It makes me feel all the things you listed.”