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Gay guys name their first celebrity crush

Ryan Phillippe in Cruel Intentions

Who among us hasn’t stared at a movie screen, TV set, or magazine page with jaw agape and heartbeat racing? But as you’ll see below, gay bros’ celebrity crushes—as listed in a recent Reddit thread—need not be male or even human! Scroll down to see the famous figures that had young impressionable gays figuring out a thing or two about their sexualities, along with any commentary from their Reddit nominators.

Chris O’Donnell

“I am Chris O’Donnell in Batman & Robin years old.”

Christopher Meloni

“I’m not into older guys, but Chris Meloni is the thiccest masculine man you’ll ever meet.”

Tom Welling

“Tom Welling, Smallville.”

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Billy Gunn

“I don’t know why, but his ass… was just…”

Lucy Liu

Ryan Phillippe

“The pool scene in Cruel Intentions was my first little gay awakening.”

Ricky Martin

Hugh Jackman

“…when I saw him in the film Swordfish with Halle Berry. I still have a crush on him to do this day.”

Vanessa Williams

Mark Wahlberg

“Marky Mark in those CK underwear ads. I still have a thing for him.”

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Tom Cruise

Robin Hood

“I’m pretty sure it was Disney’s Robin Hood (the fox).”

Leonardo DiCaprio

“But specifically the ‘90s version of him.”

Josh Hartnett

Alex Caplow

“Alex Caplow. Hella pretty.”

John Cena

“It was John Cena for me. I was about 8 years old.”


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