happy accidents

Gay guys recount the hottest things they’ve accidentally witnessed

Sometimes, guys search for XXX visual aid, and sometimes, the visual aid finds them. Just ask the commenters in the r/askgaybros subreddit, who recently shared the hottest things they’ve accidentally witnessed. Below, edited only for readability and printability, are some of the stories from these accidental voyeurs.

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“When I was a teenager, I watched a weird play in church. There was a guy in a Jesus outfit and the “bad” guy was wearing a black shirt to represent his ‘sin’ with a white shirt underneath. They were both really attractive guys. So the big scene in the play, Jesus [went] and undressed black shirt guy but accidentally took both shirts off. It was honestly really hot. Extremely homoerotic. Everyone was horrified but I was intrigued.”

“Over 20 years ago: Neighbors having a threesome. We were having a party, and our guests spotted them from our deck. Two guys and a girl. The guys were definitely bisexuals. It was hot.”

“While I was in the army, I had a bunkmate who was, like, ripped AF, and he would be comfortable with walking around naked. I was really uncomfortable ‘cause … everyone didn’t know I was gay. So anyway, one time he caught me avoiding looking at him, so he walked up to me put his leg up on the edge of my bed … and said, ‘Am I making you uncomfortable?’ and smiled cheekily. Then he scooted on closer to me so I was, like, really close to his everything. Lord gave me the strength to resist getting on my knees…”

“I walked in on an orgy in college. Two actually. One was my roommate and four of his friends [with] one girl all at once. At that ratio, the heterosexual nature of the sex starts to erode.”

“Was out in the field during a training exercise in the first few months of my military career. These two jacked, hot studs were working out together. One was this ripped Latino muscle god and [the other was] a Russian/Arab mix stud. It must’ve been 100 degrees, so they took their shirts off and invited me to join. I’m glad it was hot AF outside. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to write off my blushing face as due to the heat. Could not stop staring… I was just trying to get my form down.”

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“Shortly after moving into a new apartment in San Francisco, I was putting some supplies on the back porch. I hadn’t noticed that I could look right into the bedroom window less than six feet away of an apartment in the next building. And I saw a hot, well-built guy in his 20s having sex on the bed. Never saw his partner, have no idea if it was a guy or a girl. But he looked and saw me staring… embarrassing the hell out of me. It didn’t embarrass him, though. He stood up so I could get a complete view of him, and he smiled and gave a small hand wave. Then he got back on his knees and I could only see his chest and a big smile on his face.”

“Two guys full-on making out in the car at Home Depot parking lot.”

“I was minding my own business in the locker room when these two muscle bros started goofing around. They were arguing about each other’s weight and decided the only accurate way to do it was to get naked. Cue me at the end of the row trying to not stare but unable to tear my eyes away.”

“I was a student at one of the UC campuses and was headed to the locker room after the gym. Unbeknownst to me, there was a gymnastics competition happening on campus, and when I got there, an entire European male gymnastics team had walked into the showers just ahead of me. It was kind of like walking into a Bel Ami casting call.”