keep that phone on lock

Gay guys reveal what someone would find with unlimited access to their phones

Our cell phones are a reflection or even an extension of our selves, so you could really get to know a guy if you had his passcode!

One Redditor recently asked his fellow gay brethren what a person would find with unlimited access to their phones, and as you might expect, the commenters’ responses included a lot of memes and a lot of nudes.

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Here some of the responses, edited for readability…

“A lot of memes, nudes, and plants.”

“Some horribly debauched images, some of which involve me.”

“Memes, memes, and more memes.”

“A lot of p*rn”

“Casual games, [visual novels], A Beatmania IIDX clone, Google Podcasts, tabletop stuff, school apps, job searches, a mega-ton of emails, a small amount of social media apps, some recording software, 3 cameras, SFW photos I’ve taken, NSFW photos I’ve taken, aesthetic art, memes, music, some documents, a few ebooks, Webtoon and Tapas, music-making software, and of course porn.”

“Not much fun. A bunch of audiobooks.”

“Some p*rn, thousands of pics of my dog, investment/banking/news apps.”

“Memes. Pictures of pets unwillingly wearing hats/costumes. Pictures of my husband and fur children. Pictures of succulents… And a well-curated, large collection of bookmarks to some really choice kink p*rn.”

“Disappointment and boredom.”

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“A crap-ton of apps I don’t use more than, like, once a year. Photos mixed with memes. 20k unread emails. Lots of banal text messages. And a few filthy messages with my husband and some hidden photos for his eyes.”

“Other people’s nudes.”

“10,000 unopened emails. 500 unread texts. And several hundred unheard voicemails.”

“P*rn — that’s a no brainer. Pictures of me my friends and family. Lame attempt TikTok vids. (Don’t judge me). Bunch of useless apps. And some notes about how to keep myself motivated to lose weight.”

“A small folder of saved nude/d*ck pics from guys, my P*rnHub account, and way too many Candy Crush clone games.”