Gay guys reveal the weirdest, wildest things they’ve done with a hookup

You meet all sorts of people between the sheets! A Reddit user recently asked readers of the /askgaybros subreddit for stories of the weirdest things they’ve done with a hookup… and he dutifully shared his own experiences. “Mine is cutting his fingernails,” the OP wrote. “Another contender is helping him create a cast for him to make his own dildo. It did not work.”

Commenters on the post didn’t disappoint. “He recited a wedding vow mid-orgasm,” one said of a past flame. “Threw me off my game, I had to leave.”

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Another commenter had sex with a job applicant. “Interview[ed] him for a job,” he wrote in his response. “He didn’t get it. Good d—k tho.”

And a different dude joined the mile high club while staying on terra firma: “The guy lived above a flight simulator building that he trained people at, so when I first arrived he took me for a lap around Hawaii in a 737 before we hooked up.”

If you think that sounds like an enviable one-night-stand, though, wait until you read how one commenter lucked out: “Afterwards, he shares with me that he works at a high-end car stereo shop and can install a system in my car for a good price … I go to the stereo shop and he installs a deluxe stereo system into my Miata, FREE OF CHARGE!”

That’s not the only homo pro bono described in the thread, though. One commenter recalled getting an abscess on his toe the day before he met up with a hookup. “When I got there he lanced, drained, and wrapped it for me,” this fella wrote. “He was a paramedic; he enjoyed it.”

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In other cases, it was the Redditor who did the favor. “I hooked up with a guy in the afternoon, and it lasted a lil’ longer than he expected, and he had to get his son from school and needed someone to watch his kid so he could go to work,” one 19-year-old said. “I volunteered.”

The pièce de résistance, though, might be a 400-word story from a commenter whose Grindr contact turned out to be a paramedic stationed at the Eiffel Tower, who suggested that the commenter put on a spare paramedic jacket and pose as a “paramedic intern” so they could have sex at the top of the tower. That was all well and good until a teenage visitor to the Paris attraction passed out.

“I had to pretend to take her vitals,” the commenter shared. “This took like 40 minutes, BTW, and I was like, ‘What the actual f—k am I doing?’” (Don’t worry — the duo had a chance to compare baguettes later.)