Gay guys share their dating app success stories

Feeling Grindr fatigue? Has Tinder left you swiped out? Are you missing all of OKCupid’s arrows? Take heart in the dating app success stories gay guys recently shared on Reddit.

“Took a while but I met my current [boyfriend] on Grindr,” one commenter wrote. “We have been together nearly 6 years now. When we met, I was explicit I was taking time away from dating and hookups but was happy for friends. We were official 2 months later.”

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Or take this dude, who reverted to Tinder after striking out on Grindr. “An adorable cute boy matched with me,” he wrote. “He invited me to his house to play music. (I play guitar.) It was a pretty quick escalation, and now we’ve been together for 8 months. He’s moved into my condo. I love him very much. To the point, I think I just got really, really lucky.” (He also has advice for lovelorn readers: “Maybe learn guitar.”)

One lucky fella, meanwhile, said he “met the perfect guy after 10 minutes” of using Grindr for the first time.

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Another found love through Grindr, though not in the usual way: “I met a guy on Grindr [who was] really good in bed but turned out to be a dickhead in the end. But before I realized that, we went cruising together, and I exchanged numbers with a guy there, planning to meet up sometime. The guy I met there is now my boyfriend.”

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A different Redditor got lucky in more ways than one during an early-morning rendezvous. “Messaged an attractive guy on Grindr one morning at 6 AM,” this man wrote. “He came over, we f*cked, it was hot. 6 months later, we’re deeply in love and living together.”

Of course, there are other definitions of success, as one commenter cheekily proved. “I get laid,” he wrote. “Success.”

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