Gay guys share their Grindr horror stories

A Reddit user recently called for “Grindr horror stories,” and within hours, commenters had shared dozens of misadventures. After reading the thread — and wincing the whole time — we’ve chosen some of the best of the worst.

“I was talking to a guy on Grindr and pretty quickly switched over to text. After talking for only two days, he became clingy and I got such a bad vibe from it. I made up a dumb reason that it wouldn’t work out. He was devastated, tried calling my phone over and over, sent me voice memos of him crying, had two of his [friends] text me from their phones, and posted an Instagram story (which I only saw because one of his friends sent it to me) about how much he hated some shallow gays along with screenshots of our convo. It was literally a night from hell.”

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“One guy gave me the address of another gay dude who wasn’t expecting anyone.”

Friends Without Benefits
“Talking with a torso for a couple days only to realize it was a good friend of mine (with no chemistry). Super awkward for a while. But now we laugh about it.”

Catfish Car Ride
“Got into the car of a 53-year-old who just didn’t look like what I was expecting when I was 16. He was scary, and his photo was mad deceptive. Convinced him to pull over somewhere, and I ran home in the rain. I’m 19 now and it feels like it was a while ago so I might have been younger but I’m pretty sure I was 16.”

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Unexpected Watersports
“Put his d—k back in my mouth, and this dude started peeing. Gagged and nearly threw up right there … Noped the f—k out of there after that. Then dude says he wants to do this again. Like WTF. Moral of the story is I’m going to have to choose more wisely when it comes to Grindr.”

Gallows Humor
“My ex-boyfriend’s near-daily excursions on it behind my back? Knee slap, belly laugh.”