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Gay guys sound off on pressure to act masculine

It’s not easy being feminine in a #Masc4Masc world, and some guys on the femme end of the gender-presentation spectrum admit they butch it up just to make themselves attractive.

Take the responses to one Redditor’s recent question on the r/askgaybros subreddit: “Are you guilty of purposefully toning down your effeminacy because you fear guys won’t be into you for it?”

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The original poster deleted the body of his post, but fellow Reddit users nevertheless left comments covering a wide gamut of stances.

“Yeah, it’s just easier,” one commenter rues. “I don’t mind, though, if it’s just for a hookup since that doesn’t affect my day to day life. I’m more worried when I want to be in a longer-term relationship how I’ll find someone when so many guys are femmephobic.”

Another guy, though, has no time for the femmephobia. “If someone isn’t attracted to me the way I am, then it’s best for both of us to just move on,” he writes.

And one commenter says, “Actually, quite the opposite,” implying he gets more action because of his effeminacy.

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One commenter says he would like to take care of a guy “in a feminine way,” and another admits he enjoys wearing lace and stockings in bed. “Some guys aren’t into it, but I don’t feel guilty,” the latter writes.

Meanwhile, one of the blunter commenters suggested that guys with #Masc4Masc-esque biases should take a hard look in the mirror, writing, “If you can’t find any attractive qualities in ANY non-masc men, there’s probably underlying reasons why you’re single.”