And they oop

Gay guys tell the tales of their most spontaneous hookups

You know that trope of couples scheduling sex with one another in their calendars? Yeah, that seems like more of a hetero phenomenon. Gays, on the other hand, just meet up and go at it, even without a Grindr assist.

On Reddit, gay guys recent shared their “most spontaneous sexual experiences,” telling tales of hookups with cable guys, wedding guests, taxi drivers, and even their own husbands. Here are some of those stories, abridged and cleaned up for print…

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“[I] was chatting at a gay bar with someone, [and we] wanted to go somewhere more quiet so we could hear one another properly. He ended up [having sex with] me on the lawn of the state capitol building. I’ve never felt so American.”

“I was leaving a lecture when I was in first year, and I bumped into someone I vaguely met at the LGBT society social the night before. He came up to me and said ‘Hi,’ et cetera. Then he just, out of the blue, says, ‘I haven’t had sex during freshers week. Do you want to come to mine…?’ He lived right by campus, so horny 18-year-old me was well up for it.”

“[I] was exhausted from work and decided to book a last-minute trip to Cuba. I was exploring the area and found a nude beach that stretched for miles with literally no one. I got to a nice spot, got naked, and just sunbathed for few hours. A Cuban guy passed by and showed me his ass. As I laughed and smiled, he turned around and came to chat. … Nice afternoon.”

“When I was in college, a nice looking cable guy older than me — 30ish — came to our dorm room. I was the only one there since my roommates had class. We got to talking a lot while he worked, and it got a bit personal. One thing led to another…”

“I had just arrived at Chicago O’Hare airport. I flew in for a meeting. I made eye contact with a security guard. He rubbed his crotch, and I returned the signal. I followed him into the restroom. We went into one of the stalls…”

“In the stairwell of the school library. We met on Grindr and found out we went to the same college. We both were studying and on Grindr on the same floor of the library…”

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“I was at a wedding in a foreign country. It was in a rambling old house with a rambling garden. I met an older German guy who was friendly, and we went on a walk around the estate. The next thing I knew, we were kissing beside a field…”

“Taxi driver at the end of a night out. More than once.”

“My ex-husband and I were driving from Phoenix to Los Angeles and were on that part of I-10 in Western Arizona where the towns are all really far apart. He pulls off at one of those exits that are marked ‘No Services,’ so I think he’s just going to take a leak at the side of the road, but instead, he drives for a little while, then turns off down this random dirt road. I sit up at this point and ask, ‘Where are we going?’ He just grins at me…”

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