Gay Gyms


The queens over at have ranked the top gay gyms in North America. Their list reads more like nightclubs than healthclubs. They say:

This winter, carve out time for the gym. To make it easier, head to one of these gay-popular fitness centers — where the eye candy alone is worth the schlep. These cruisy microcosms of gay society seethe with drama, locker-room lust and an all-consuming desire for better abs. And there’s nothing like a little gay drama to help you shake those winter blues.

We’d expect no less from, the place we’ve all gone for a quick online hook-up. But to base your gym membership on hot guys, cruisy steam rooms, and drama seems a bit shallow and superficial. Even for us. And we are really shallow and superficial!

When looking for a gym we recommend asking your friends about their gyms. Try out a spinning or yoga class in a couple different clubs. Use the pool or steam rooms and compare. Gym memberships are costly (over $100 a month in many cities) so be detailed and cautious before signing anything. Check to see if you can use their clubs in other cities while you travel and see if they offer incentives for signing up a friend.

Your health should be the biggest factor in which gym you choose. Not your sex drive. Though staying in shape can only help out with that too.