Gay HBO Series “Looking” Begins Filming In San Francisco, Locals Are Thrilled

jonathan-groff-looking“I’d love to write a regular column, like a gay Sex and the City,” said every gay 20-something writer in their first pitch to a major outlet.

Luckily, when HBO decided to give a certain writer with the same vision the greenlight on a primetime series, the network made an excellent choice trusting their new “gay Sex and the City” in the hands of buzzworthy writer/director Andrew Haigh.

The new show, Looking, reportedly follows an all-gay (or gay for pay?) cast looking for love in the “City by the Bay.” Production had San Franciscans getting excited last weekend as camera crews and star actors Jonathan Groff and Russell Tovey took to the streets to begin filming the show’s pilot. As you can see in the clip below, even straight folks at KTVU are hard up for Looking because it will bring “big business” to the city.

Some onlookers had different thoughts about the new show, one even claimed it may be “past it’s time.” According to a random passerby in tinted prescription glasses and an NFL jersey, Looking is so over because “somebody should have done it a few years ago.”

But we say nay to the nay-sayers! This show sounds like it will be pretty progressive, and at least the producers are casting a wide variety of diverse gay men, including “real military men…willing to get tight, military-style haircut” and “hipsters…able to pull of Hipster vibe with your own clothes and styling.”

A gay actor starring in an HBO series about gay hipsters hooking up with military men in San Francisco? We’re sold.