Sees "Absence" of "Serious Education"

Gay Historian Blasts Queen

Those old queens sure can throw barbs. Homo historian David Starkey hypothesizes that Elizabeth II doesn’t care about her predecessors because she’s under educated.

He recounted [in the Guardian] an occasion where he showed Her Majesty around an exhibition he had curated about Elizabeth I at the National Maritime Museum in 2003, where he found her more-preoccupied with the late arrival of a her drink, a gin and Dubonnet than the works of art on display. He claims that her only comment was that one of the objects belonged to her

Dr Starkey said that reminded him of “a housewife” who had been left some possessions: “She’d looked after them, she’d put in place much better arrangements for their care, but again – I suppose it’s this absence of any kind of, to be blunt, serious education.”

Elizabeth also reportedly rebuffs comparisons between her and Elizabeth I who “was blessed with neither husband nor children, who ruled as a despot and was never able to leave her native shores.'” Perhaps Starkey didn’t mean “absence of serious education,” but rather meant “serious ambition”.