Gay Hotel Clerk Faces Life Sentence After Killing Co-Worker Crush

A London hotel receptionist was found guilty this week of gruesomely killing a colleague he had romantic feelings for and a female coworker who had only been on the job for several weeks.

Last August Attila Ban, 32, stabbed Tibor Vass and Alice Adams, both 20, and hid under the bed in a room at the Radisson Edwardian at Heathrow Airport, even as police searched the room for clues. Ban even updated his Facebook status to read,  “I’d like to wake up from this nightmare.”

Adams was stabbed 22 times, while Vass was punctured twice in the heart and stripped naked and placed on a double bed. Vass’ mother testified that Ban presented himself as someone who would watch out for her son. ”

“It was comforting for me to know that Tibor found a good friend in London who was mature, friendly and intelligent,” she said. “[Ban] promised me personally to look after my son and not to let anything happen to him.

According to testimony, Ban, who was openly gay, had a crush on Vass, who was straight, and became increasingly jealous about the fellow Hungarian’s career and relationships.  He was set off when, just days before the killing, Vass took a photo that didn’t feature Ban during a tea-building exercise.

The court heard it was the sight of the [Vass and Adams] kissing that drove Ban to murder after the group had played drinking games, took poppers—a well-known sexual stimulant—and toyed with the idea of group sex.

Detectives combed the sealed-off quarters for clues but did not discover Ban, who was named as the hotel’s employee of the year in 2010, until the second day of their investigations.

He was lying on another double bed after attempting to take his own life.He had tried to slit his wrists with modelling knives and electrocute himself with a hairdryer in the bath.

Officers found that Ban had water and his mobile phone with him and had cut a slit in the divan bed that he hid in so he could observe the investigation.

Ban pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility, but was found him guilty of the double murders.

It’s unclear how investigators had missed Ban, who was hiding under the bed where Vass was found.”He must have been there throughout the attendance of the pathologist, the removal of the bodies and the examination of the scene by crime scene examiners,” said prosecutor Richard Whittam, who indicated there were “gaps cut in the side” of the mattress that allowed Ban to observe the investigation over two days.

But Detective Inspector John Finch said police weren’t negligent in missing the suspect and that lifting up beds looking for suspects could sacrifice “crucial forensic evidence”: “I have looked back at this several times with senior management. It was such a strange and bizarre thing for a person to do. It beggars belief.”


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  • Taylor

    The crazy never stops. Only God can end this madness.

  • hf2hvit

    There is just no good to come from naming your child Attila

  • Mangina

    *rolls eyes* Wonderful! Another thing for religious hate groups to use against us!

  • Michael

    only white people.. smh

  • Analog

    This doesn’t reflect well on the crazy gay hotel receptionist community.

  • Kine

    @Mangina: I just don’t see the point in saying the man is gay. There’s no point in it.

  • Chris

    @Kine: Well, yeah there is. He had a crush on his male coworker, which is the motive for the murder. If a man had a crush on a female coworker and killed her we would certainly know about it, same if it was a woman who murdered a man. It might be irrelevant if he murdered him for money or whatever, but in this case its the motive.

  • JohnnyBoy

    @Michael: first the guy that killed his asian boyfriend, cut him to pieces, sodomized and ate part of his body. And now this.

  • jwrappaport

    Must be a slow news day. I don’t see how this is of general interest to the gay community (even with an opera-worthy backstory).

  • Rockery

    Lusting after a straight guy… Never ends well

  • Kev C

    Tibor was pretty cute. I wonder if it was an “if I can’t have you, no one will” type thing.

  • Karl

    This is what comes of staying in British hotels. Some people wont learn.

  • Geri

    Some reports from credible sources indicate that they actually had a threesome at the end of the drug-fuelled party.
    “Atilla Ban, 32, knifed Tibor Vass and Alice Adams, both 20, to death in a staff flat behind the hotel where they worked after having a threesome with the couple, the court heard.”

    Also Ban and Vass are described as room-mates who shared a one bedroom flat – by the Police

    Which suggests the possibility that the male victim may have been bisexual does it not?
    Some reports say he was heterosexual/straight. Others just say he was not gay.

  • scribe37

    You look into a mother’s eyes and then tell her you will look after her son and make sure nothing bad happens, before you kill the man. There is a special place in hell for this piece of crap. He acts as if he was the only guy ever turned down before, yeah it sucks, but the rest of the world moves the heck on and doesn’t comment murder.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    Which suggests the possibility that the male victim may have been bisexual does it not?

    Yeah, the kid definitely had some gay/bi face going on.

  • oh123

    Once again the comments above leave me cold and the typical bitchy shit I have come to expect from this sites users (gay face wtf).
    In the end a young man and woman were senseless slaughtered at the hands of a vial human being for his own perverse and sickening reasons and then he tries to negate his crime.
    My thought go out to the victims and there families for there tragic lose.

  • Olive Austin

    This would never happen if Basil Fawlty was in charge.

    Now, tell me about these ‘tea-building’ exercises.

  • BlogShag

    Oh wow, a gay hotel worker, Imagine that. Pfffft. 90% of them are gay.

  • Trip

    What is a “tea-building exercise”? A workout before the Sunday dance party?

  • Belize

    @jwrappaport: Shall we wait for religious nut jobs to use this as yet another example of our evil the “gay community is?” Or can you find that simple connection yourself? Perhaps we can hope for the latter and expect that not EVERY member of the community is of the same mental state as this hotel employee.

  • Cam

    @oh123: said…

    “Once again the comments above leave me cold and the typical bitchy shit I have come to expect from this sites users (gay face wtf).”

    You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! This being The Christian Science Monitor I am SHOCKED at the comments! Oh wait, it ISN’T a serious paper…it’s a gay web blog. Oooops, guess you might have to rethink your faux outrage.

  • cray-cray

    Dear gay: don’t fall in love with straiht guys, Its not gonna happen. They will hurt you and make fun of you

  • oh123

    @Cam: when people are murdered it is not funny it cant be made light of or should it, and if it is then it shows a lack of humanity in the people who are that shallow and devoid of respect that it is amusing to them. But if it infringes on your ability to fuck what ever moves then you bitch and take it seriously. As for my faux outrage come and join me at work in an Emergency room and see the outcome of attacks on human beings with knives, bottles, guns etc on any given night and see how easy it is to take life and death so casually.

  • Kev C

    @oh123: @oh123: One shouldn’t interpret flippancy for insincerity, or lack of sympathy, anymore than one should interpret faint concern and indignation as sincerity or sympathy.

  • kayo

    both guys were really cute. too bad one is dead and the other an incarcerated homicidal lunatic.

  • Rich

    @Taylor: Give it a break God doesn’t care and couldn’t be bothered. He created all of these homophobes in His own image.

  • Chuck

    Yeah. Don’t name your kids after blood-thirsty war-lords. Not a good idea.

  • Geri

    @Chuck: Attila is a popular boys name in Hungary and Turkey.

  • Jaroslaw

    For whatever it is worth, only a tiny fraction of murders are reported in the media. So this seems to be rather unusual, therefore news.

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