Gay Hoteliers Want No Straights

While we’re referencing stories from earlier in the week, we’d like to direct you to a piece in yesterday’s Times. Straightforwardly entitled, “Gay tourist hotels fear equality law”, the article takes a look at British gay hoteliers who fear that the new UK anti-discrimination laws will adversely effect their businesses. Some of them insist their establishments will suffer from an influx of heterosexuals, thus deflating their gay following. One hotelier says:

We are a unique venue and we only admit gay and bisexual men. Under this law, we would go out of business. This so-called anti-discrimination law is actually discriminatory as it discriminates against gays.

You may recall our story on a lawsuit against in which The Fair Housing Council’s of the San Fernando Valley and San Diego allege the website breaks the law by posting “gay only” adverts. In response to that story, we asked whether or not people should be allowed to shape according to sexual proclivities.

Now, we wonder, what you kids think about Britain forcing formerly gay only hotels to accept heteros. Again, from a civil rights perspective, it’s totally just – can’t be having no separate but equal because, well, that’s not equal. Still, one must weight complaints like that one lodged by Mark Hurtz, owner of Britain’s Guyz hotel:

When we had a mixed environment, with gay, bi and heterosexual customers, people didn’t behave as they naturally would.

Here in the hotel now we have gays who cuddle up when they’re watching a film but that never happened before. If this law is introduced it will deprive gays of a place where they can be themselves.

It seems to us that if heteros are really that uncomfortable with faggotry, they’ll most likely steer clear of places calls Guyz. But, of course, there’s always the possibility that someone will register and then object, thus ruining some faggot’s fun. Is that the price we pay for an egalitarian society? Do you agree with Hurtz, or do you lean closer to a Stonewall spokesperson’s comment:

What gay people gain through having an equality law is much more than whether we can just run gay hotels.

There can be no shade of gray…