Gay Icons Accept Blood Money


Elton John is making $500,000 per night to perform at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, and that alone makes us a little pissed when we compare it to a blogger’s salary, but what adds insult to injury is that the owner of Caesar’s Palace is a notorious religious homophobe creationist who spends his billions on conservative causes when he’s not paying flamboyant entertainment acts.

But what’s more disturbing than Sir Elton’s participation in the anti-gay agenda? Celine Dion, who is arguably even more of a gay man than Elton John, has also earned millions at Caesar’s Palace, though we partially forgive her because we know she had to pay for all the Swarovski crystals on her wedding veil, and for that weird vow renewal ceremony (pictured above) she and her husband did back in 2000 where they decked out Caesar’s Palace like an Arab mosque. Love has never been so expensive.

Business is business for American billionaire believer [Telegraph via PAYOR]