Gay Indie Bands Love You So Much They Want To Marry You

All the indie bands not included in any of the recent celebrity endorsement videos for marriage equality are still really into you and recently Tweeted their enthusiasm for New York’s historic vote in favor of you being able to marry their gay members. Here’s the round up, with all spelling, capitalization of letters and good or bad punctuation the sole responsibility of the artists themselves, just so you know…

Grizzly Bear (that’s them above) — As a gay man in a 7 year relationship getting married later this year, I can’t tell you How thrilled I am about NY marriage equality!!! (Ed)

Justin Vivian Bond — OMG. I just went from being a cabaret legend to being a wedding singer!

Tegan and Sara — Same Sex Marriage Passed in NEW YORK!!!!!! We are cheering and elated here on the West Coast.

Vampire Weekend‘s Rostam Batmanglij — Fuck it’s time to finally get rid of my DC license.

Men‘s JD Samson — i can’t believe i’m not going to be in new york tonight. omg. please go out on the street people. please don’t sit in front of your computer

Scissor Sisters‘ Ana Matronic — I’m so proud to be a New Yorker, where marriage equality has been realized! Who wants Minister Matronic to officiate their gay wedding? xANA

So thanks, people in bands!

Stereogum rounds up a lot more, including hetero supporters like Ted Leo, The Decemberists (“This is going to make a terrible made-for-TV movie”) and the mighty Superchunk, whom you would be wise to get rich enough to book them to play your wedding reception. If you’re lucky they might even sing their early 90s anthem “Slack Motherfucker.” That plus cake = wedding.