Gay Israeli Dad Can Return From India With Twin Sons After Proving He’s Not a Pedophile

After weeks of protest and several months spent rotting in a Mumbai hotel, the bigoted Israeli courts have finally confirmed that Dan Goldberg isn’t a pedophiliac serial killer and have granted his newborn twins citizenship and re-entry into Israel. They return home this Friday.

Goldberg’s friend Yonathan Gher, who also had a child born with an Indian surrogate, tells Times Of India “that the purpose of the bureaucracy was to deter future gay couples from becoming parents through surrogacy.” Surrogacy law expert Amit Karkhane adds, “Goldberg was a victim of wrong choice of courts. His case happened to go to a conservative judge but it had to be solved sooner or later.”

Sadly, it doesn’t seem as if Goldberg’s travail has created any lasting change in the system. And there’s still no word about the three other gay dads who share a similar fate.