A Trend In The Making?

Gay Israelis Father Indian Twins

Two gay Israeli’s made Indian history two months back The unidentified couple traveled to Mumbai last February and found a surrogate mother who birthed them twins in September. Mazel tov!

Two Israeli gay men have became the first known same-sex couple to ‘father’ children courtesy a surrogacy program in Mumbai.

The couple learned about the program on the Internet and contacted infertility specialist Dr Gautam Allahbadia of Rotunda Clinic, Centre for Human Reproduction. The program helped them choose an Indian woman to donate the eggs as well as a surrogate mother.

According to Allahbadia , many foreign couples come to India for surrogacy programmes. Yet this was the first case involving a gay couple, and could well become a trendsetter for other such couples, he was reported.

So long African trophy tots, hello South East Asian adorables!