Bad Education

Gay Ivy League School Offers Class on Clubbing


Ever heard the Eli saying “One in four, maybe more”? It refers to studies that put Yale’s LBGT population at 25 percent or higher. So it’s really no surprise that the so-called “Gay Ivy” has green-lighted a class called “Dance Music and Nightlife Culture in New York City.”

According to the Yale Daily News:

Seminar sessions include topics ranging from “The Scene of Harlem Cabaret” to the “The Birth of the Mega Club.” There’s even a class on “Getting Past the Velvet Rope,” a class Cross Campus could probably use. On the schedule are special guest lectures from DJs and a field trip to New York’s hottest clubs, including the Boom Boom Room. Simonez Wolf, the mastermind behind the “Red Egg pop-up clubs,” was recently a guest in the class, and he apparently has plans to bring the pop-up scene to Yale for a night.

We think they should tack on a section about gay clubbing for the “one in four.” Suggested topics of study: Britney Spears-Nicki Minaj mash-ups, advanced bathroom psychotropics and the mating habits and kandie-exchanging rituals of happy hardcore furries.