Gay Jake Rumors Defy Reason, Reality

In conjunction with yesterday’s A-List Outing Imminent?, we’d like to share excerpts from a long-winded, painfully detailed email sent to Jonathan Jaxson regarding Jake Gyllenhaal.

In addition to perpetuating rumors of the actor’s anal-inclinations, this “source” offers some particularly outlandish speculation:

Jake Gyllenhaal has been dating the same guy for years. Last year Jake and his bf were arrested and brought into the West Hollywood station after the sheriffs office was called after catching Jake and his bf having sex in an SUV behind the restaurant Chin Chins in LA. Both were later released.

Jake and his bf are currently expecting a baby through a surrogate. They used a company based in Westwood, CA. The baby is due in September.

Of all the rumors we’ve heard over the years, this one may be the most ridiculous.

A famous, “closeted” man getting arrested for public sex and having a child, a child the world could never know lest he blow his cover? Give us a fucking break.

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  • Alexa

    I think someone is feeding him nonsense to make him look like an idiot. It’s working.

  • maverick69

    Play gay in one movie where you get it in the ass and they try to nail you forever gay.

  • Mr. B

    Alexa, I think Jonathan Jaxson has all the raw materials necessary. Kid needs to get out of the high school mentality (not that the Hollywood one is so different) and find a new hobby. Seriously.

    So when are we going to get the gay rumors about, say, Jack Black and Seth Rogen and other guys who don’t make it into most of these queens’ wank fantasies? Mmmmhmm.

  • Mr. B

    Also, Jake has a major Fonzie look going on in that picture. “Aaaaaaaaay!”


    Actually, this rumor may not be that far off base. Ted C. at E! Online has been running blind items about “Toothy Tile” for a couple of years. One item he ran a while ago mentioned that TT and his boyfriend like to do it in public and got busted by the cops. The majority opinion is TT = JG.

    Man, I need a life. I can’t believe I know enough to even comment about this stuff.

  • Alexa

    Oh I’m not saying Jake isn’t gay, he may be, I don’t know. But in this day and age information like an arrest for having sex and a surrogate baby are not going to be kept hidden for long, especially when someone has rumors swirling around him like Jake does and people are actively looking for stuff on him.

  • Heather_L_James

    ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…wake me when someone outs Ann Coulter for being a tranny.

  • Gregg

    Although Jake may be adorable, even if he were gay – he wouldn’t be having sex with you! So get over it and leave the boy alone.

    I think JG is sexy as all hell and I wish he was gay, and that he was in my bed, right now. Alas, I don’t think any of that is going to happen in reality. Can’t you let a cute, straight boy be an ally of the gays without forcing him to endure these constant gay rumors?

  • Eminent Victorian

    I just don’t care about JG’s sex life. For some reason I think I’d be far more interested in learning about Coulter’s speed addiciton and daddy issues.

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