Guarantees She'll Keep Fighting Gay Fight

Gay Japanese Pol. Loses MP Bid

Kanako Otsuji’s battle to become Japan’s first openly gay politico came to an end last night in a close national election.

Despite the electoral loss, Otsuji, 32, kept her head high and praised her countrymen – and women – for their surprisingly high levels of support.

I feel we were finally able to express our feelings and turn them into votes. I really didn’t hear any sort of critical voices when I was campaigning. I was welcomed warmly at my campaign stops.

Of course, Otsuji ain’t one to slink off to a corner and cry. The 32-year old sappho-politico, who married her girlfriend last month, vowed to keep fighting for Japan’s oppressed masses.

Otsuji, who says her coming out struggle spurred her political career, told supporters in Tokyo,

I hope to continue until I see the day that we look back and say, ‘This is a historic day in the history of sexual minorities. We will remember this day because it is the day we grew stronger… This is only the beginning.

That’s right, girl. If we ever gain Japanese citizenship, you’ve totally got our vote. Although, that’s unlikely, so we’ll just have to accept our personal support. Hopefully you’re A-OK with that, Kanako!