Gay Jesus Poster Sparks Ire

There’s a gay scandal brewing at Ohio’s Lorain County Community College.

Religious students are royally pissed after leaders from the Atheism Club posted this poster in the school’s student center. Club organizers insist they’re not trying to offend their pious peers, but that explanation’s not flying for everyone:

“You can’t portray Jesus like that. He believes in matrimony, that relationships like that should be done inside matrimony,” sophomore Brianna Holland said.

She said she believes homosexuality is wrong because she is a Christian, but she also said she is proud that her religion teaches tolerance and acceptance.

“I have a lot of homosexual friends. I’m not going to tell them they’re going to hell. That’s something they have to take care of between them and God,” Holland said.

Except for the atheists, of course. They’re damned.

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