Marine Porn Star Up To His Dirty Tricks?

“Gay Jihadist” Cranking Matt Sanchez

Gay porn star turned Republican demigod Matt Sanchez finds himself in the spotlight once again.

Sanchez claims that he’s being stalked by a faux-marine “gay jihadist” who wants to set up a date with him. Straight and narrow, Sanchez decided to post their conversation on YouTube.

While Sanchez no doubt wants us to believe his horse shit story, we’re not biting. Why? Consider Sanchez’s YouTube summary:

I’ve had this stalker/crank caller for some time. This person claims to be a Marine. I’ve also had an issue with security breech of my e-mail. The two may be related, so I let this person call me. The following is the conversation as the “Marine” forces himself to sound convincing. I play along. He is recording the conversation.

So, this stalker is recording your conversation, but you posted the audio? Wow, he’s a really nice stalker.