Gay Judge Calls For Larry Craig’s Head

Gay judge David Young popped into Larry King Live last night and offered Senator Larry Craig a simple message: “resign”.

Read the transcript, after the jump:

Larry King: Senator Larry Craig, the Republican from Idaho, is facing more gay sex allegations. Four gay men — four — have gone public with the “Idaho Statesman,” linking them with Senator Craig and gay sex…. Judge Young, isn’t the matter hypocrisy?

Young: Well, I think Senator Craig — Senator Craig should have honored what he said initially and simply resigned from the United States Senate. And I hope this is not the only thing that comes out. I hope he finally comes out and comes to terms with himself. Because he’s done a lot more toe-tapping in his career than we know, obviously.

Larry King: Do you think it will all come out…

Young: I always say on my show denial is not a river in Egypt, does not flows through the courtroom. Well, denial is obviously running through the United States Senate.

Judge Greg Mathis: I am going to stick up for the senator a little bit here. I feel sorry for him. All of these men coming out of the woodwork, they are just piling on top of him, these men.

Young: That’s the problem, Greg. That’s the problem!

Yes, well, you have to wonder how many of these men actually slept with Craig and how many just want a piece of the scandalous action.