Gay Kid Sues High School Over Bullying

Gay bullying’s no laughing matter. It’s so unfunny, in fact, that the New Jersey Supreme Court recently ruled that schools have a constitutional duty to protect gay kids from school yard tyrants. Why, then, are we slightly amused by a case down in Oklahoma?

Here’s what’s happening: 19-year old Michale D. Bullis has filed a lawsuit against his school for failing to protect him against scores of sourpusses who made his life a living hell. In addition to getting his fill of epithets, knuckle sandwiches and other typical thug gifts, Bullis’ bullies went the extra mile:

Bullis was also subjected to repeated sexual assaults, which consisted of inappropriate and unwanted backrubs accompanied by verbal mockery and insults, inappropriate stroking of his neck and throat, also accompanied by blowing in his ear and touching, and rubbing and grabbing his genitals…

That doesn’t sound so bad to us. Yeah, the beatings ain’t fresh, but this doesn’t sound like the work of a bully. It just sounds like someone was trying to get a date. As for being “amused” – we take that back. We’re bemused.

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