Gay “Kidnap” Dad Caught In Israel, Son Reunited With Second Father

Things were merry and gay in Israel yesterday when American national Joshua Glazer reunited with his son, Jebediah.

Glazer’s ex-husband Eric Hyett absconded with the child last week and fled abroad.

Aided by a private investigation firm, Glazer tracked Hyett and their son, over whom both men had custody, to Jerusalem, where police rescued the tot.

A “removal team” made up of Israeli law enforcement and social workers escorted 23-month-old Jedidiah from a Jerusalem apartment where father Eric Hyett had holed up after spiriting the boy there from Manhattan.

“It’s the most wonderful feeling in the world to have him back,” Jedidiah’s other dad, Joshua Glazer, said in a call from Israel after being reunited with his son.

When Jedidiah saw him he started shouting, “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! And he was kissing me and kissing everybody,” Glazer said.

In his absence, Hyett was indicted in Manhattan on a charge of custodial interference and Glazer was awarded temporary custody of the boy, according to court documents and Glazer’s attorney Samuel Ferrara.

Glazer, Hyett and their son will remain Israel at least through next Thursday, when the case will be heard in Israeli court.

It’s now up to the Israelis to decide whether the men will duke it out there or on American soil.