Gay “Killer” Caught

The hunt’s over for gay architecture student and bartender Carlos Rivera’s alleged killer. Canadian coppers nabbed Jesse Norman Imeson last night.

Police caught up with Mr. Imeson after a 911 call from a homeowner in Portage du Fort, a small town across the Ottawa River from Renfrew, Ont., about 100 kilometres northwest of Ottawa.

“He had broken into a home and was surprised by the owner,” said Surete du Quebec Sergeant Michel Brunet.

Imeson’s apparently been on quite the crime spree since leaving Windsor Falls around July 19th, the day coppers found Rivera’s body in Imeson’s apartment.

In addition to allegedly strangling Rivera – whom Imeson met at Rivera’s workplace, Taps gay bar – Imeson reportedly went on to kill an older married couple and rob a number of homes. Quite the overachiever.

Imeson and Rivera met on July 17th at Taps, a gay bar in Windsor Falls. From what owner Eddie An says, Imeson came in looking to work as a stripper, but didn’t have the proper identification. Imeson then started chatting up Rivera and the men left together. While An suspects Imeson hasn’t yet accepted his homosexuality, Imeson’s backward buddy says otherwise:

Nick Cesljar, who took Mr. Imeson to The Tap that night, said the man thought he could make a lot of money stripping at The Tap.

“I tried to advise him against doin He was just looking at the money, I guess. He got the idea he can get more money dancing for guys rather than dancing for girls, because guys, being perverts, they’ll pay more.”

Wow, sounds like Imeson keeps great company. Hopefully he’ll make some new friends in prison…