Love Turns Ugly, Deadly

Gay Killer Caught, Charged For Bashing Lover

Love can be killer. That’s the unfortunate lesson learned by 30-year old Gareth McDonald, who lost his life after his gay lover, Glenn Rycroft allegedly beat him to death with a hotel fire extinguisher.

Police responded to Manchester’s Heston Travelodge on September 15th after staffers discovered McDonald’s tattered body. After a brief manhunt, Rycroft remains in custody and appeared in court yesterday to hear the murder charge against him.

The men had been together for about a year after McDonald left his wife and three children for Rycroft. Apparently Rycroft didn’t appreciate McDonald, who’s described as a “nice lad”.

One neighbor told the Daily Post: “It’s unbelievable. He was such a nice lad. We always got on well. We can’t fault him. It’s a shame, he was a nice chap.”