Gay “Killer” Wanted To Dance

Jesse Norman Imeson, the Canadian suspected of strangling 25-year old Carlos Rivera to death, apparently had dreams of being an exotic dancer.

Eddie An, who owns The Taps strip club, where Rivera worked and met Imeson, describes Imeson (pictured) as “troubled, confused and maybe unable to accept [his homosexuality]”. An also says that Imeson first came into the bar looking to be a stripper. Too bad he may have become a killer, instead.

An tells Canada’s Xtra:

He was looking to become a dancer. But he didn’t have all the proper identification. So we told him to come back tomorrow. Carlos talked with him, but it was Carlos’s job to talk with everyone. It wasn’t until afterward that I found out from customers that Imeson was trying to pick Carlos up, that he wanted to take Carols to another bar or someplace private.

That private place may have been Imeson’s apartment, where coppers found Rivera’s dead body two days later.

Though An and his staff miss their colleague, who wanted to be an architect, they’re not about to wallow:

Carlos wouldn’t want us to be down all the time. He wanted this place to be fun. He wouldn’t want us to feel terrorized and afraid.

Unfortunately, there’s still at least one reason to be fearful: Imeson remains at large.

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  • robbyrob

    Hey check someone out before you take them to your HOME here this guy wanted to be a dancer, no id, and probably nothing else but hey i will have him over for drinks and whatever. I am not saying that every time someone brings someone home that the host is going to be killed but even less than that (robbed, beaten et-cetera) can be devistating.
    Next time think with your brain and not with your penis

  • aaron_d

    I actually live just outside the town where he murdered the elderly couple and the police have been searching in and around my town looking for him. Good news is AMERICAS MOST WANTED will be profiling him this week up front and center. Hopefully people call with tips.

  • Martini-boy

    New Update: He’s been nabbed. No more Jesse stories for you.

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