Gay Kiss Taints Bloods, Says Aussie Red Cross Ally

The ongoing discrimination case against Australia’s Red Cross continues – and the organization’s allies keep offering outlandish arguments against allowing gay blood donors.

Yes, even more ridiculous than the “screening takes too much time” defense:

US professor Dr Paul Holland, a former blood source executive testifying for the Red Cross, claimed even digital penetration of the nose or ear would justify the lifetime ban his country imposes on gay men.

“That would usually be sufficient to exchange fluid and qualify as sex,” Dr Holland told the Tribunal. When asked if that included gay men who had done nothing more than kissing, Holland replied, “Yes, sir, because they increase their chance of transmitting an infection such as HIV.

Wait, wait – haven’t we all been taught that kissing doesn’t transmit HIV?

Unless, you know, you drink like 2 gallons of someone’s saliva, or something. So, Holland’s testimony isn’t simply wrong, it’s dangerous.

[Image: “Kiss” by Robert Richards.]