Gay Koreans Coming Out On Telly

The Korean queer revolution will be televised.

Out actor Hong Suk-chun has agreed to cohost a new show, Coming Out, on which he and straight actress Jung Kyung-soon will counsel fledging flamers. While happy to help Korea evolve socially, Hong says he wasn’t initially intrigued by the idea:

When I first saw the synopsis of the program, I thought it was crazy. There are people around me who once thought of coming out, but there were always problems with family and work. This program is not just coming out to your friends or family, but to all of Korean society.

Despite his enthusiasm, Hong says he can understand why people would want to remain in the closet: “I don’t advise people to come out because I know it is a hard decision. But as for myself, I have never been happier. I don’t have to lie to myself any more.”

The actor’s career nearly crumbled when he came out in 2000, so we imagine he’s thrilled to have a new role to play.