Gay Kurt Loves The Hot Glue Gun Hat Gilly Made For Him

Well, we all knew this was coming: Glee, television’s most ripe-for-scathing-spoof program, received its comeuppance last night on the Jane Lynch-hosted Saturday Night Live, with a drop in from everybody’s favorite student troublemaker Gilly.

[flv: 650 400]

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  • craig

    live from New York, and still can’t hire more than one black actor, well thats a win… * roll eyes*.

  • tazz602

    The skit was funny – but I have to admit – I have a mad crush on Andy Samberg – I know a lot of people dislike him, but he’s so willing to just do anything – from the kissing family (kissing everyone) to playing gay and beyond. I <3 him.

  • tazz602

    Craig – there are two now – Keenan Thompson and Jay Pharoah – he played Denzel in a skit last night.

  • Ian

    Gilly is just a much more unfunny version of that character with the big forehead and little hands.

  • Jesseboy

    Gilly is my least favorite recurring character on SNL. Wiig is so talented that to waste it on this drivel is really upsetting.

  • Chris


  • Devon

    How is this show still on the air?

  • Ian

    @Devon: It’s considered an “american institution” and thus will NEVER be cancelled, even though it has had a number of seasons over the years where practically ANY other comparable show wouldn’t have made it.

  • LM

    Gilly is hilarious. haha

  • Kieran

    What would SNL do without a “laugh track”—-or cue cards?

  • Anyway

    So even Gilly bullies the gay kid. Oy vey… I was hopeful for more sophisticated gay jokes with Jane Lynch hosting. But alas it was the same ole crap. Even the Suze Orman skit with Lynch appearing as Orman’s old flame exuded tiresome lameness.

  • Hilarious

    @Devon: Believe it or not there are college age and early 20 somethings still watching this show and think it’s hilarious.

    My sister showed me “Dick in a Box” and was laughing before it even started. It was possibly the least funny skit I’ve ever seen in my life, but she couldn’t stop laughing.

    Hell Dane Cook has an audience and the only thing funny about him is his huge butt.

  • Anthony

    The only thing that made me somewhat laugh was when they introduced ‘Mercedes’, after that it was just difficult to watch :/

  • jason

    Saturday Night Live is a homophobic show run largely by Jewish liberals.

  • jason

    Well, well, well…now that Jane Lynch has got the straight liberals behind her – all claiming to be gay-friendly, of course – she’s participating in homophobic skits directed towards men. Fuck off, Jane.

  • adam

    This was OK I guess, but if MAD TV does a spoof of Glee I expect it will be much funnier.

  • Chris H

    @jason: Jason, are you sure you’re not the founder of the GayKK?

  • Yellow Bone

    @jason: Yeah! Damn those damn women. and those damn jews.

    Uhh…since you want to go back to Nazi Germany, bring me back a souvenir.


  • Hilarious

    @adam: Sadly Mad TV was canceled and SNL is still on the air.

    Admittedly Mad TV kept letting it’s most talented comedians go(including brand new ones) while keeping the horribly unfunny SNL types they had added to the cast. For whatever reason I think FOX was pressuring them to make the show more like SNL which ultimately killed it.

    Even the new intro and new set was very “SNL” and unlike Mad TV.

  • adman

    Well, I notice our secret Gay/Jewish worldwide conspiracy to emasculate and effeminize the black man in still going nicely. As long as he is in drag, and we have video, everything is working…Next comes Hip-Hop!..Muahahahhah! I love my Illuminati membership that came free of charge with the gaydar decoder ring.

  • Pip

    @tazz602: he’s not that funny, but i’d definitly watch a gay porno with him in it.

  • dellisonly

    As though Glee itself wasn’t poorly conceived and contrived, the never funny SNL cast and writers made it worse. Stopped watching Glee after three episodes and couldn’t even get half through this terrible video. Just pathetic that this passes for entertainment

  • Pucifer

    You always get the feeling that NONE of the SNL cast is gay or wants to be identified as queer… Even guest host Jane Lynch came off as homophobic.

  • kityglitr

    Weird. I went to to watch this episode, labeled as “entire episode”, but this sketch was not included. Hmmmm….

  • ForeverGay

    Do you think SNL would use jew like they did gay Kurt when SNL is run by jews? No way. Those jew bastards should keep to themselves instead of shoving their bs onto others.

  • Ogre Magi

    When Jane Lynch called Gilly “Little Orphan A-hole” I laughed so hard I nearly shat my drawers!

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