Gay LA Jail Turns Kathy Griffin Away

One group of fags will be missing out on Kathy Griffin‘s patented brand of naughty humor: the gay cell block at Los Angeles County jail. The spunky comedienne offered her snarky services to Sheriff Lee Baca, but apparently he wouldn’t have it.

First of all, Baca had never heard of the red-headed performer. Then, once he’d familiarized himself with her bit, he turned her away. Her act, it seems, would only bring shame to the prison. Spokesman Steve Whitmore explained:

Sheriff did not think it would fit into the core values of the jail… The sheriff wants to eliminate the locker-room mentality and to bring out a sense of integrity and dignity when it comes to language and conduct in the jail. He didn’t think that her act would be appropriate at this time.

Baca may have snubbed Griffin, but prison officials at Perryville, Arizona, have welcomed her with open arms. She tells the New York Observer that she plans on entertaining her hetero audience with some jokes about gang rape. Now that’s dignity.