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Gay Leather Festival Kicked Off Yuppified NYC Street


It’s hard to imagine there are any non-yuppified streets in Manhattan anymore, but West 13th Street is now home to the Highline-straddling Standard Hotel, which means the Meatpacking District has standards, people. Not wanting to upset hotel guests with the West Village Leather and Bear Street Fair October parade of leather daddies and bull whips, the Standard took its opposition to the annual event to the mayor’s office, which happily complied.

Meaning: Bears and cubs have to move somewhere else. With six weeks to go, The Villager reports there’s still no home for the event which bills itself as an educational opportunity to teach BDSM aficionados proper rope-tying and spanking techniques.

A series of events all the more ironic, since the Standard Hotel has been lapping up the free press from its carefully orchestrated exhibitionist advocacy. Naked people: Good. Leather-clad almost naked people: Bad.